Cu or Al – XLPE – LSHF

Unarmoured – Fire Retardant – Halogen Free – IEC 60502-1

ApplicationPower supply in places requiring extra fire safety precautions. Fire retardant, high security cable. for rated voltages up to 0.6/1kV.. Suitable for fixed installations, in public areas such as hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, computer and communication centres and, in general, all places where it is required a high degree of protection of persons and assets or/and with a large number of people and electrical and electronic equipment.
Cable DesignationCu/XLPE/LSHF
Construction Characteristics
ConductorCopper (plain annealed): solid class 1, or stranded class 2, or flexible class 5, circular or sector shape. Aluminium: stranded class 2, circular or sector shape.
InsulationXLPE – (Cross-linked polyethylene)
OversheathLSHF – Low Smoke Halogen Free thermoplastic compound. Fire retardant.

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