Cu or Al – XLPE – Cu – PO

Single Core Cable
Unarmoured • XLPE Insulation – Flame Retardant – Halogen Free

ApplicationCable for power distribution and power supply stations, halogen free and flame retardant used in Utility and Industrial applications, for rated voltages up to 18/30kV.
Applicable for installations where it is necessary to guarantee improved fire behaviour. Suitable for fixed installations, indoor or outdoor, in open air on cable trays, or underground in ducts or directly buried. Special oversheath compound garantees low water absorption properties and improved mechanical performance (tear resistance, tensile strength and elongation at break) compared to LSHF standard materials.
Cable DesignationCu / XLPE / Cu Tape screen / PO
Al / XLPE / Cu Tape screen / PO
Cu / XLPE / Cu Wire screen / PO
Al / XLPE / Cu Wire screen / PO
Construction CharacteristicsConductor

Plain annealed Copper or Aluminium, circular, stranded, class 2 per IEC 60228.

InsulationSemi-conductive screen over the conductor, XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) insulation and semi 1 conductive screen over the insulation (strippable ), applied by simultaneous extrusion in just one operation.
Metallic Screen Copper wire screen – annealed copper wires helically wound and an equalising copper tape applied in an open counter-helix. Poly Propylene tape is applied over the screen.
Or Copper tape screen – a copper tape, helically applied with overlap.
Oversheath Polyolefin type DMZ2 according to HD 620 S2 – LSHF – Low Smoke Halogen Free thermoplastic compound. Flame retardant.

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