Indoor Cables – PVC Insulation (1 to 112 pairs)

PVC Insulation – Al Screen – PVC Sheath

Application Cables ranging from 1 to 112 pairs, used for inside installations.
Cable Designation PVC Insulation – Al Screen – PVC Sheath
Construction Characteristics
Conductor Solid annealed copper, nominal diameter of 0.6 mm or 0.9 mm.
Insulation PVC.
Arrangement (formation) Pairs
Core assembly Concentric layers or bundles for cables with 56 pairs (4×14) or 112 pairs (8×14)
Core wrapping Dielectric tape, helically applied with an overlap.
Metallic screen (Optional) One aluminium/ polyester tape spirally applied, with an overlap, Under the metallic screen atinned copper wire is longitudinally applied.
Oversheath (jacket) PVC.

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