Indoor Cables – PVC Insulation (1 to 112 pairs)

PVC Insulation – Al Screen – PVC Sheath

ApplicationCables ranging from 1 to 112 pairs, used for inside installations.
Cable DesignationPVC Insulation – Al Screen – PVC Sheath
Construction Characteristics
ConductorSolid annealed copper, nominal diameter of 0.6 mm or 0.9 mm.
Arrangement (formation) Pairs
Core assembly Concentric layers or bundles for cables with 56 pairs (4×14) or 112 pairs (8×14)
Core wrappingDielectric tape, helically applied with an overlap.
Metallic screen (Optional) One aluminium/ polyester tape spirally applied, with an overlap, Under the metallic screen atinned copper wire is longitudinally applied.
Oversheath (jacket) PVC.

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