Cu – XLPE – Cu – PVC

Unarmoured – Concentric Conductor – IEC 60502-1

Application Power cables for energy supply used in industry, distribution boards and power stations, for rated voltage up to 0.6/1kV. The concentric conductor can be used as neutral – protectiveearthed conductor, Suitable for
fixed installations indoor or outdoor.
Cable Designation Cu / XLPE / Cu wire conductor / PVC

F – Flexible

Construction Characteristics
Conductor Copper (plain annealed): stranded class 2, sector shape or circular, or circular flexible class 5.
Insulation XLPE – (Cross-linked polyethylene).
Bedding /Inner Sheath PVC – (Polyvinyl chloride).
Neutral/Earth concentric conductor (CNE) Single layer of plain annealed copper wires helically applied.
Oversheath PVC – (Polyvinyl chloride).

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