Cu – PVC or PE or XLPE – Al Screen – PVC

Cu – PVC or PE or XLPE – Al Screen – PVC
BS 5308-IEC

Application Cables for signalling systems, instrumentation and control of electrical mechanisms grouped in pairs. Maximum rated voltage 500 V (peak value, not for power supply), Indicated for fixed installations, indoor or outdoor, protected or not.
Cable Designation Cu / PVC / Al screen / PVC
Cu / PE / Al screen / PVC
Cu / XLPE / Al screen / PVC
Cu / XLPE / Al screen / LSHF
Construction Characteristics
Conductor Rigid (class 2) of flexible (class 5) copper , sizes 0.5 mm ; 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm , as per IEC 60228
Insulation PVC, solid polyethylene or cross-linked polyethylene.
Arrangement (formation) Stranded pairs.
Core assembly Concentric layers.
Core wrapping Dielectric tape, helically applied with an overlap.
Shield (screen) Aluminium / polyester tape applied helically with an overlap.
2A 0.5 mm tinned copper drain wire is applied under the tape.
Over sheath (jacket) Extruded PVC or LSHF – Low Smoke Halogen Free thermoplastic compound.Fire retardant.

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