Cu or Al – XLPE – LSHF – SWA – LSHF

Armoured – Fire Retardant – Halogen Free – IEC 60502-1

Application Fire-retardant, halogen-free, high security cable, for rated voltages up to 0.6/1kV. For power transmission and distribution. Suitable for fixed outdoor connections; laid in free air or in ducts, when it is necessary to protect the cable against mechanical aggression or against rodents threat. Used in tunnels, underground railway, or in general in all places where it is required a high degree of protection of persons and assets or with a large
number of people and electrical/electronic equipment.
Cable Designation Cu / XLPE / LSHF / SWA / LSHF
F – Flexible • SWA – Steel Wire Armour
Construction Characteristics Copper (plain annealed): solid class 1 or stranded class 2 or flexible class 5. circular or sector shaped. Aluminium: stranded class 2, circular or sector shaped.
Insulation XLPE – (Cross-linked polyethylene).
Bedding/Inner Sheath LSHF – Low Smoke Halogen Free thermoplastic compound.
Armour Steel galvanized wires helical applied;
For single core cables steel is substituted by aluminium wires.
Oversheath LSHF – Low Smoke Halogen Free thermoplastic compound. Fire retardant.

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