Cu or Al – XLPE – Cu – PVC or PE

Single Core Cable
Unarmoured – XLPE Insulation – IEC 60502-2

Application Cable for power distribution and power supply stations used in Utility and Industrial applications, for rated voltages up to 18/30kV. Suitable for fixed installations, indoor or outdoor, in open air on cable trays, or underground in ducts or directly buried.

Cable Designation A:Cu / XLPE / Cu Tape screen / PVC or PE

B:Cu / XLPE / Cu Wire screen / PVC or PE
C:Al / XLPE / Cu Tape screen / PVC or PE
D:Al / XLPE / Cu Wire screen / PVC or PE
Construction Characteristics
Conductor Plain annealed Copper or Aluminium, circular, stranded, class 2 per IEC 60228.
Insulation Semi-conductive screen over the conductor, XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) insulation and semi conductive screen over the insulation (strippable1), applied by simultaneous extrusion in just one operation. (1) Bonded upon agreement.
Metallic Screen Copper wire screen – annealed copper wires helically wound and an equalising copper tape applied in an
open counter-helix. Plastic tape is applied over the screen. Or Copper tape screen – a copper tape, standard thickness 0.1 mm helically applied with overlap.
Oversheath Aluminium / polyester tape applied helically with an overlap.
2A 0.5 mm tinned copper drain wire is applied under the tape.
Oversheath Extruded PVC or PE. Upon agreement, an extruded semi-conductive thin layer may be applied on the surface of the oversheath, to facilitate the detection and location of defective points.
Watertightness option (cbe) – Conductor and metallic screen longitudinally watertight. Conductor: Use of waterblocking yarns and/or tapes between wire layers; Metallic screen: Assured by application of semi-conductive waterblocking tapes under and over the screen. L – Radial watertightness provided by the aluminium-coated tape.

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