Cu or Al – XLPE – Cu – Al – PE

Single Core Cable Unarmored – XLPE Insulation – Total Watertight

Application Cable for power distribution and power supply stations used in Utility and Industrial applications. for rated voltages up to 18/30kV. Suitable for fixed installations. indoor or outdoor, in open air on cable trays, or underground in ducts or directly buried. Cable is both longitudinally and radially watertight and therefore best suitable for wet conditions.

Cable Designation Cu / XLPE / Cu Wire screen / Al tape / PE

Al / XLPE / Cu Wire screen / Al tape / PE

Construction Characteristics
Conductor Plain annealed Copper or Aluminium, circular, stranded, class 2 per IEC 60228.
Insulation Semi-conductive screen over the conductor, XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) insulation and semi conductive 1screen o ver the insulation (strippable ), applied by simultaneous extrusion in just one operation.

Metallic Screen Annealed copper wires. helically wound and an equalising copper tape applied in an open counter-helix. Cross-section area of screen according to client request.
Oversheath Aluminium copolymer coated tape. longitudinally applied, bonded to the extruded PE oversheath, type ST7. Upon agreement. an extruded semi-conductive thin layer may be applied on the surface of the oversheath, to facilitate the detection and location of defective points.

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