Standard Armoured – IEC 60502-1

Application Cable for power supply, for rated voltage up to 0.6/1kV. Suitable for outdoor fixed installations when it is necessary to protect the cable against mechanical aggression or against rodents threat. Can be laid in free
air, installed in ducts or directly buried. Excellent mechanical protection during laying, installation and service.
Cable Designation Al / PVC / PVC / SWA / PVC
SWA – Steel wire armour
AWA – Aluminium wire armour
Construction Characteristics Conductor

Aluminium: solid class 1 or rigid stranded class 2 circular or sector shaped.

Insulation LSHF – (Low Smoke Halogen Free)
Bedding /Inner Sheath LSHF – (Low Smoke Halogen Free)
Armour Steel galvanized wires helical applied.
For single core cables steel is substituted by aluminium wires.
Oversheath LSHF – (Low Smoke Halogen Free)

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