Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing plants in Lahore are equipped with state of the art technology along with excellent quality assurance systems. We are the pioneers of CCV Line Technology & Aluminium Alloy Plant in Pakistan.

CCV Line Technology

Fast Cables’ MV cable manufacturing facility features latest technology at par with best manufacturing facilities overseas.

Key Features of CCV Line

  • Nitrogen generator plant for on line dry curing
  • Online touch free sag control system for best accuracy
  • Triple headed cross linking extruder
  • Sikora X ray for precision in online measuring


  • More than 40 years product life
  • Insulation has no eccentricity
  • Cross-linking by use of Nitrogen gas guarantees excellent characteristics of insulation
  • Simultaneous extrusion of the inner and outer semi-conducting layers and insulation prevents treeing and other irregularities
  • Uniformity of quality is maintained in all products as the manufacturing processes are controlled by computer

Aluminium & Aluminium Alloy Plant

Fast Cables’ metallurgy center now hosts a new state of the art Aluminium & Aluminium Alloy plant that adds value to its cables and conductors taking into account energy concerns in Pakistan.

The plant has the capacity to produce new products for the local market such as:

  • Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) for electricity distribution
  • Trapezoidal Wire Conductors
  • All Aluminium Alloy Conductor (AAAC) for high voltage transmission.

As compared to a conventional Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR), AAAC conductors are preferred in distribution lines due to lighter weight and lower electrical losses.

Key features of AAAC include

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Better sag characteristics
  • Improved electrical properties
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion.


Our manufacturing plants are equipped with the latest laboratory testing facilities and employ highly experienced technical staff. We offer our customers free ‘testing and inspection before delivery’ facility at our testing labs. Such a facility allows them to comply with their internal SOPs without incurring any additional cost.

To ensure compliance with International Quality Standards, our laboratory equipment is subjected to periodic third party checks from reputed bodies which allows us to deliver the highest quality cables to our customers.

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