Fast Tasdeeq

Fast Tasdeeq

Fast Tasdeeq is an electrical cable verification service provided by Fast Cables for its customers. The purpose of this service is to provide a mechanism for the end user to check that he/she has purchased a genuine Fast Cables product rather a counterfeit cable.


Buy Fast Cables From Your Nearest Electrical Store.


Scratch Sticker On The Cable Coil. Each Sticker Has A Unique Cable Identification Code.


Send This Scratched Code Via SMS To The Mention Number on Cable Coil.

Fast Inamat

The customer gets a point for each Fast Tasdeeq SMS Verification. The accumulated points can
be redeemed against Fast Inamat Scheme in which gifts of different values are available. The
greater the number of verifications via Fast Tasdeeq, the greater the number of points
accumulated for redemption against gifts.

List of Inamat

Honda 125 Motor Cycle
SMS to WIN : 3000

1.5 ton Air Conditioner-Inverter
SMS to WIN : 2000

Honda CD 70 Motor Cycle
SMS to WIN : 1500

Laptop Computer
SMS to WIN : 1200

Motorcycle 70 CC
SMS to WIN : 1100

1 Ton Air Conditioner
SMS to WIN : 1000

Deep Freezer
SMS to WIN : 900

SMS to WIN : 800

LED TV 32 Inches
SMS to WIN : 600

Mobile Phone
SMS to WIN : 500

Washing Machine
SMS to WIN : 400

Water Dispenser
SMS to WIN : 350

Microwave Oven
SMS to WIN : 200

Food Processor / Dinner Set
SMS to WIN : 150

Executive Tool Kit
SMS to WIN : 125

Drill Machine
SMS to WIN : 100

Sandwich Maker / Toaster
SMS to WIN : 70

Water Kettle / Iron
SMS to WIN : 60

Pliers and Cutter
SMS to WIN : 25

  • Customers can redeem their earned points from our Customer Relation Officer by calling at our UAN number 042-111-000-343 during working days from Monday to Saturday between 9.00 AM till 06:00 PM.
  • Customers can also redeem their points from Fast Application by login on Fast App using their registered mobile number.

To download Fast App, please click the following links:

  • SMS verification: SMS Verification is the SMS message sent by customer to verify genuineness of Fast Cables product.
  • Fast Verification: On each verification done via Fast Tasdeeq, customer will get points. Number of points earned will determine prize earned.
  • Distribution of gifts: Fast Inamat will be distributed on monthly basis, on single criteria of maximum number of points.
  • Maximum Verifications: To increase chances of winning the gifts, all verification queries should be sent from one number.
  • Tax Deduction: All Prizes are subject to deduction of withholding tax and any other deductions required under laws enacted by Government of Pakistan.
  • SMS Verification Charge: Standard SMS Charges plus tax applies to every SMS verification sent by customer to Fast Cables. This amount shall be charged in case of successful or unsuccessful verification.
  • Final List of winners: Decision of Fast Cables regarding all matters pertaining to the promotion and the prizes distribution will be considered final and unchallengeable in any court of law and it will be binding on all concerned parties.
  • Taxes: The Customer shall pay any and/or all taxes, duties, levies and/or impositions of any other monetary/financial burden as and when levied and applied by any federal, provincial or local governments, regulatory, PTA and/or any authorities having competent jurisdiction in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.
  • Unclaimed Prizes: Unclaimed prized within 15 days of Postal/ Email/ SMS or by any other recordable medium notification by Fast Cables will be automatically forfeited.Fast Cables employees, their relatives and friends are not eligible to participate in the promotion.
  • Terms & Conditions and validity of this offer are subject to change without any prior notice.
  • The words not expressly defined herein shall bear the dictionary meanings.
  • Company reserves the right to change gifts for Fast Tasdeeq Fast Inamat Scheme with any other gift of equal value.
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