Internal Auditor Required


  Designation: AM Internal Audit                                                      Department: Internal Audit


  No. of Positions: 1                                                                              Gender: Male


  Qualification: ACCA Qualified or Relevant                                      Location: Lahore


Experience: Manufacturing concern, Min. 3-5 years in audit department having at least 1-2 years as an     AM audit.


   Job Description:


  1. Supervise audit fieldwork and report audit results to Head of Internal Audit.
  2. Manage and review areas assigned to the audit officers and ensure that activities are being carried out in accordance with agreed engagement objectives.
  3. Coaching and development of junior audit staff members.
  4. Assist the Head of Internal Audit to represent IAD and attend to urgent matters in his absence.
  5. Execute any other administrative matters directed by Head of Internal Audit, which may include the preparation reports for Senior Management / Audit Committee.
  6. Conduct brainstorming with audit team to identify risk areas of the engagement, design audit objectives and establish audit program as a whole.
  7. Discuss and obtain approval from Head of Internal Audit of the audit approach and necessary arrangements.
  8. Prepare standard memo on the scheduled audit to all relevant departments and communicate with them about the audit arrangements.
  9. Prepare and update audit work programs on regular basis. Each audit assignment must have an updated audit work program. (Work program shall be updated with the last audit resolutions or changes in SOP’s)
  10. Conduct visits of other company offices for audit purposes from time to time.
  11. Develop a file system for audit department and a knowledge base for any recurring assignments.
  12. Review audit working papers to ensure the accuracy of the details and proper presentation formats.
  13. Review the audit findings and verify the validity with supporting audit evidence.
  14. Confirm the audit findings with various levels of audit client staff, discuss the feasibility of the audit recommendations and obtain audit client’s comments.
  15. Ensure all the working papers and audit evidence have been completely included in the audit working file and properly cross-referenced
  16. Compile and prepare the draft audit report to be presented to the Audit committee as directed by the Head of Internal Audit.
  17. Resolve the issues identified by the Head of internal audit in the draft audit report.
  18. Make minutes of the meeting of audit committee, write down audit committee’s resolutions on different points of observations in the audit report and make the action plan in the light of the audit committee recommendations.
  19. Undertake the follow up activities in accordance with the action plan of each engagement already circulated to the management.
  20. Any other tasks assigned by the Head of Internal Audit from time to time.



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